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In the latest case of “don’t believe everything you read,” the New York Times recently published another attempted hatchet job on Amazon, though it was an indirect hatchet job. As if they haven’t proved, time and again, that they’re a shill for “big publishing”, they decided to trot out some sales figures that appear to show a decline in the sales of e-books.

Except, they forgot one thing. We’re not idiots.

I posted a link to the article on my Facebook page, and told the world exactly what I thought about it: the article was telling half-truths at best. The Hachette publishing group is getting precisely what it demanded from Amazon last year; the ability to tank its own business by charging outrageous prices for e-books. 

As it turns out, Fortune.com published an article that very same day, with much the same opinion. I’ve linked that article below, because I think it’s important. It highlights how the publishing industry views the world: if it isn’t produced by “big publishing”, it’s not worthy of consideration.

After you take a look at the Fortune article, please have a look at the latest Author Earnings Report. That’s where the real numbers are at. All of the numbers. The numbers “big publishing” don’t want the world to see.

For the full Fortune article, please click the source link below.

Source: E-book sales aren’t falling: Amazon is winning, publishers are losing – Fortune

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