Mastering Grammar (Artistic License Included!)

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Many fiction writers might view grammar as a necessary evil—the tedious checking of commas and semicolons that seems far removed from the creative process of storytelling. However, understanding and effectively utilizing grammar can profoundly enhance your narratives, character development, and reader engagement. This comprehensive guide will delve into seven key aspects of grammar that every fiction writer should master, emphasizing how these tools can transform your writing.

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Mastering Political Intrigue in Speculative Fiction

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Welcome, oh brilliant and adventurous speculative fiction writers, to the wondrous realm of political intrigue! Now, let’s be honest, politics can be as confusing as deciphering a cryptic code while riding a unicycle. But fear not, my friends! In this article we shall embark on a whimsical journey through the intricate world of politics. 

Together, we’ll unravel the mysteries of power dynamics, backstabbing, and manipulative games that make political intrigue oh-so-enthralling. So, grab your pens, don your imaginary crowns, and let’s dive into the captivating world of political tomfoolery!

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Writing Female Characters: A Guide for Male Writers

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Do you find yourself occasionally writing phrases such as, “As Monica boobed boobily across the room…”? Is the primary topic of conversation among your female characters always men? Do they have no agency of their own and simply go with whatever the male characters decide? Do they exist merely as plot devices (e.g. woman is raped, man gets mad, man makes story happen)? Is the first thing your male characters notice about them always related to their appearance? Is the first thing you notice about your female characters always their appearance?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this guide is for you. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult. Take it from me…someone who actually lived in a monastery for years!

Quote from Jeffrey Eugenides on his process of writing female characters.

In this blog post, I’ll address important questions, provide insights, and navigate the pitfalls to ensure your female characters shine as vibrant and multidimensional individuals. Grab your pens, reach for your keyboards, or start your transcription software, and let’s embark on an adventure!

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Dramatic Irony – Unleashing its Power

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Welcome, my fellow storytellers, to a thrilling exploration of one of the most powerful tools in a writer’s arsenal: dramatic irony. In this blog post, we will unravel the enigma of dramatic irony, learn how to master its potential, and navigate the risks it presents. So, grab a seat, prepare your creative minds, and let’s embark on this captivating journey together.

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Common Mistakes New Fiction Writers Make

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Welcome, aspiring fiction writers! Today, we’re embarking on an epic journey through the treacherous landscape of common mistakes that often plague newcomers in the world of storytelling. So fasten your seatbelts, grab your pen, and prepare to navigate the winding path of literary adventures. I’m Nat Russo, your friendly writing guide, ready to illuminate the dark corners and guide you to writerly success. Let’s see if we can avoid these common mistakes new fiction writers make!

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Twitter Blue suspended

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Well THAT was short-lived…

Remember my biggest point against selling blue checkmarks in my article yesterday? Yep… I don’t want to say that I told them so. But… I told them so.

But that's none of my business...

Account verification became a thing for a reason. The “person in charge” over there needs more savvy and less hubris. When a company as large and powerful as Ely Lilly loses billions in market cap over a single impersonated tweet, you’re probably going to have a bad day if you’re the cause.

Twitter Blue? My Thoughts.

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I have some comments on the whole Twitter Blue thing, but they’re going to take more space than Twitter will allow. I’ve used Twitter daily since around 2011/2012, and I’ve had an account since it launched. In that time I’ve seen a lot of strange things, including DMs from people claiming to be high-profile celebrities who eventually turned out to be nothing more than crooks with recycled confidence schemes.
On the other hand, I’ve seen it used as an amazing platform to launch careers. And I’m not talking about influencers…people famous for being famous. I’m talking about musicians, actors, comedians, writers…true creators. I include my own writing career in that number. I believe…no, I know that my books would not have had as wide a reach if not for Twitter.
But, I strongly feel that Twitter Blue is going to bring all of it, the good and the bad, crashing down in a misguided attempt to generate income for the platform.
Twitter Blue

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Still here!

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It’s been a while since the last update, but I wanted to poke my head in for a moment to let everyone know I’m still here and still working. Necromancer Ascending has been the most personally meaningful writing project I’ve ever embarked on.

Before I can land this plane, however, there are a series of stops I need to make along the way; personal journeys and diversions, some of which I’ve already taken, some of which remain to be taken. Traversing that terrain…that unknown territory…is vitally necessary before I can conclude this particular story of Nicolas, Aelron, Morrigan, the Mukhtaar Lords, and new friends you’ll meet along the way. Because, this is more than just a story to me. It’s a part of my soul. My hope is it will become a part of yours as well, and, together, we will peer more deeply into the universe and find some light.

I can’t wait for you all to have it in your hands and live vicariously through the eyes of the residents of Erindor once more. I won’t predict any more dates — you know the saying…every time someone makes a plan, the universe laughs. It will be finished soon. Not as soon as you’d like, and probably sooner than it should be. But, soon.


Until then,


Martinist Hexagram

All titles $0.99 for limited time!

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Beginning Friday, June 18 at 8am PDT, all of my book titles will be on sale for $0.99! This is a “Kindle Countdown” deal, so the prices will gradually begin to climb back to their original places. Mark your calendars and get ready for a steep discount! 

Book covers

Click for detailed descriptions of each book.

“What order should I read them in?” you ask. Read on!

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Writing Without Being Offensive: A How-To Guide.

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I saw a question about writing without being offensive in a Facebook writer’s group today and thought I’d share some of my thoughts here. I was a lot gentler in the group. The (paraphrased) question was:

“How do you write a character who stands against Christianity without being offensive to readers?”

Oh my dad, this page is so offensive.

For the purposes of this discussion, replace the word “Christianity” with any topic you think might be a land mine.

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