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It’s been a while since the last update, but I wanted to poke my head in for a moment to let everyone know I’m still here and still working. Necromancer Ascending has been the most personally meaningful writing project I’ve ever embarked on.

Before I can land this plane, however, there are a series of stops I need to make along the way; personal journeys and diversions, some of which I’ve already taken, some of which remain to be taken. Traversing that terrain…that unknown territory…is vitally necessary before I can conclude this particular story of Nicolas, Aelron, Morrigan, the Mukhtaar Lords, and new friends you’ll meet along the way. Because, this is more than just a story to me. It’s a part of my soul. My hope is it will become a part of yours as well, and, together, we will peer more deeply into the universe and find some light.

I can’t wait for you all to have it in your hands and live vicariously through the eyes of the residents of Erindor once more. I won’t predict any more dates — you know the saying…every time someone makes a plan, the universe laughs. It will be finished soon. Not as soon as you’d like, and probably sooner than it should be. But, soon.


Until then,


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Nat Russo is the Amazon #1 Bestselling Fantasy author of Necromancer Awakening and Necromancer Falling. Nat was born in New York, raised in Arizona, and has lived just about everywhere in-between. He’s gone from pizza maker, to radio DJ, to Catholic seminarian (in a Benedictine monastery, of all places), to police officer, to software engineer. His career has taken him from central Texas to central Germany, where he worked as a defense contractor for Northrop Grumman. He's spent most of his adult life developing software, playing video games, running a Cub Scout den, gaining/losing weight, and listening to every kind of music under the sun. Along the way he managed to earn a degree in Philosophy and a black belt in Tang Soo Do. He currently makes his home in central Texas with his wife, teenager, mischievous beagle, and goofy boxador.

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