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Beginning Friday, June 18 at 8am PDT, all of my book titles will be on sale for $0.99! This is a “Kindle Countdown” deal, so the prices will gradually begin to climb back to their original places. Mark your calendars and get ready for a steep discount! 

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“What order should I read them in?” you ask. Read on!

Author’s Preferred Reading Order

You know there are multiple ways to read many fantasy series, and The Mukthaar Chronicles is no different! But, I personally recommend the series be read in the following order:

  1. Necromancer Awakening: Book One of The Mukhtaar Chronicles. This was the book that started it all. It has consistently been in the top 100 Amazon bestseller lists around the world. As an added bonus, this edition includes the entirety of The Road to Dar Rodon, the bestselling prequel novelette.

  2. Necromancer Falling: Book Two of The Mukhtaar Chronicles. The epic continues in this international bestselling 2nd installment of The Mukhtaar Chronicles.

  3. The Road to Dar Rodon. This is a prequel novelette that also became a bestseller in its own right! Set some 40 years prior to the events of Necromancer Awakening, go on a journey with Mujahid Mukhtaar as he crosses not only the desert of Erindor but also the desert of his soul.

Limited Time Only!

Every couple of days, the Kindle store will slowly increment the price back up to the original! So, grab these for $0.99 when they go on sale June 18th (8am PDT)!

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About Nat Russo

Nat Russo is the Amazon #1 Bestselling Fantasy author of Necromancer Awakening and Necromancer Falling. Nat was born in New York, raised in Arizona, and has lived just about everywhere in-between. He’s gone from pizza maker, to radio DJ, to Catholic seminarian (in a Benedictine monastery, of all places), to police officer, to software engineer. His career has taken him from central Texas to central Germany, where he worked as a defense contractor for Northrop Grumman. He's spent most of his adult life developing software, playing video games, running a Cub Scout den, gaining/losing weight, and listening to every kind of music under the sun. Along the way he managed to earn a degree in Philosophy and a black belt in Tang Soo Do. He currently makes his home in central Texas with his wife, teenager, mischievous beagle, and goofy boxador.

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