Villains Are Made, Not Born – by J.M. Robison

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Today at Erindor Press, I’m happy to bring you a guest post by J.M. Robison. It’s a great take on how to bring more depth to your villain’s personality and how to avoid some of the pitfalls well-known authors have fallen into.  Enjoy! – Nat The inspiration for this blog post comes from The Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind. It came about at the part where character X is kidnapped by Mistress A. Mistress A declares she will “train” X by inflicting massive pain upon him. Like any logical person, X asks her,“And what is the purpose of my training, Mistress A?” To which she replies: “To teach you the meaning of pain. To teach you that your life is no longer …

Guest Post: Andy Peloquin

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I’d like to extend a warm welcome today to Andy Peloquin, writer extraordinaire, hot wing aficionado, Selena Gomez fan, and overall very tall guy (he’s 6’6″!).  Andy joins us today on the launch of his latest novel, The Last Bucelarii (Book 1): Blade of the Destroyer. He gives us a personal reminder of why we, as writers, cannot afford to be anti-social. We are all too susceptible to shrink away from society and work on our writing. But we hurt ourselves (and our writing careers) by doing so. Speaking of Blade of the Destroyer, just look at this gorgeous cover!   From the Jacket: The Hunter of Voramis is the perfect assassin: ruthless, unrelenting, immortal. Yet he is haunted by lost memories, …

Steel and Bone

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    Shovel the coal and stoke the boilers as nine steam punk authors explore islands of mystery and adventure across the seven seas.   The Clockwork Seer by Katherine Cowley: On an island of oddities, a young clairvoyant struggles for normalcy, but deadly automatons have other plans.   Sindisiwe by Scott E. Tarbet: A slave girl in Zanzibar escapes a beating when a stranger in the marketplace proves her past is more than just a fairy tale.   Stand and Deliver by TC Phillips: Neither shackles, slave labor, nor the island’s deadliest inhabitants will prevent these brothers from meting out justice to their father’s murderers.   Island Walker by C. R. Simper: Kit digs her treasures out of trash …

5 Writing Tips From Robert Pruneda

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It’s with great pleasure that I hand over the reigns to my friend and fellow author Robert “Sharky” Pruneda for today’s post. Robert is the author of Amazon bestselling horror Devil’s Nightmare, is a gamer like myself, and is an all-around scholar and gentleman! Oh, and if that weren’t enough selling points, he’s a fellow Texan! In today’s post, Robert shares 5 writing tips I wish I would have known when I was starting out.      

Mel Massey Interviews Artist Dustin Compton

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            Hello Necromancers! Remember me? Mel Massey, author of the EARTH’S MAGICK series has invaded the lair of the Necromancer once again. The next installment for the EARTH’S MAGICK series just came out – DECKER. It’s a companion novel to the series, all about the life of one of the part human characters named Decker. He’s over 2,000 years old and has a penchant for fighting (and beheading folks). As well as a desire to train Mela, the main character of the EARTH’S MAGICK series, in all things pertaining to war.               After I wrote DECKER, I had to submit the cover art information to my publisher. I knew I wanted Decker to be on the …

Wicked Words – A Guest Post by Mel Massey

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Mel Massey, author of Earth’s Magick, (published by Solstice Publishing just this week!) had a difficult journey from idea to published manuscript, and she suffered from many of the same fears and failures we all do. Mel was kind enough to accept my invitation to write “Wicked Words”, a guest article for A Writer’s Journey, and what a wonderful story and lesson she’s shared with us. Enough of me…I’ll let Mel tell her story in her own words.

Anatomy Of A Love Scene: A Guest Post By Laura Oliva

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“Why should I be ashamed to describe what nature was not ashamed to create?” -Pietro Aretino   Have you ever read a love scene that just didn’t work?   What did you notice most about it?  Did it read like an electrician’s manual?  Did the characters suddenly morph into completely different people?  Was the prose stilted, or conversely, so flowery and over-the-top it made you snort?  Do you live in mortal fear of making these mistakes in your own writing?   Love scenes are scary to write.  There’s so much that can go wrong, a lot of people choose to bypass them altogether.  Well, I’m here to tell you: you can write a love scene.  Hell, with a little work, …