Using Twitter Effectively: Part 5 of 10 – Composing Effective Tweets

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In the last four parts of this ten part series we covered a lot of ground on what Twitter is (and is not), some of the mechanics of how to use it, and how to build a meaningful following. But we’ve yet to cover one of the most important topics:   How do I write effective Tweets? Heck, how do I write a Tweet at all?     It’s not as hard it may sound at first. Today, in Part 5 of this series, I’ll offer some advice on how you can take over the world in 140 characters or less.

Using Twitter Effectively: Part 4 of 10 – Auto Tweeting (The Good)

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Now that you’ve taken the steps to grow a meaningful following on Twitter, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that Twitter has given you the means to establish friendships with people all around the globe. It’s true that the Information Age and modern technology have made the world a small place. There’s only one problem: You have to sleep some of the time. As you develop a platform that reaches all four corners of the planet, how do you contribute to your following in Australia, for example, if you live in the central United States? Read on and I’ll offer you some techniques that will help you keep in touch when your followers need you to be in touch.

Using Twitter Effectively: Part 3 of 10 – Building a Meaningful Following

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[UPDATED 9/12/2018] Welcome back to my ten-part series on Using Twitter Effectively. In yesterday’s post I began to touch on the subject of building a meaningful following. In today’s post, part 3 of 10, I’m going to offer more ways to build and manage that following. It’s not enough to simply have a lot of followers. Those followers need to be engaging, supportive, and contributors in their own right.  

Using Twitter Effectively: Part 2 of 10 – Building a Meaningful Following

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Twitter is one of the many marketing tools writer’s need to get comfortable with if they wish to build that coveted Writer’s Platform, and in yesterday’s post I covered the basics of getting started. Now that you’ve filled out your bio and uploaded a good profile picture, where do you go next? Twitter isn’t going to help you much if you don’t have followers, so today I’m going to shed some light on how to build a meaningful Twitter following. Remember, Twitter isn’t just about the numbers, even though it may sometime seem that way. Let’s get started!

Using Twitter Effectively: Part 1 of 10 – The Basics

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[UPDATED 09/12/2018] Twitter is, arguably, the most far-reaching social platform in the world. But the overwhelming majority of users don’t know how to use it effectively. Worse, they abuse it and risk getting shackled with a poor reputation that can be difficult to change.  With the right tools and techniques, Twitter can help you build a stable writer’s platform that allows you to reach tens of thousands of people with a single click. Awesome power. But, as the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Even if you’re not a writer, I believe you’ll find most of these techniques invaluable. In this 10-part series, spread out over the next ten days, I’ll cover the following Twitter basics: What To Do Part …