Hashtag Blindness 3: Electric Jamboree

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In a world…where people tweet with hashtags, and other people fail to read them, there can be only one outcome. HASHTAG BLINDNESS From the makers of Hashtag Blindness Part 1 and Hashtag Blindness Part 2, comes the explosive conclusion1, Hashtag Blindness 3: Electric Jamboree: On Twitter, No One Can Hear You Scream: Redemption: Age of Irony.2 1 Not an actual conclusion. This crazy train never stops. 2 Subtitle tested well with the male, 20.5 – 21 year old, stoned, neckbeard demographic. Read on, for the extended trailer.

Are You Using Pinned Tweets?

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Twitter recently rolled out a new feature for profile pages that allows you to keep your vital content visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This feature is known as Pinned Tweets, and it’s an important part of your content delivery strategy. And you’re not using it.   You read that correctly. It’s one of the single greatest content delivery features Twitter has graced us with, and you’re completely ignoring it! How do I know? Allow me to explain (in an admittedly roundabout way).

Hashtag Blindness Part 2

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My brothers and sisters of the Twitterverse, we’ve made some strides, but I’m afraid the disease is spreading faster than we can contain it. Hashtag Blindness is a violent and fast-moving disease that may be infecting not only your followers, but your followers’ followers as well! Worse, the symptoms are sometimes subtle and hard to detect. In my ongoing research to cure this hideous malady, I’ve uncovered some additional signs that one or more of your followers may be infected.

Twitter Changes Auto-Follow Policy

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Twitter changed their auto-follow policy in 2013. Those of you who’ve read my series on Using Twitter Effectively know that “auto follow” was a major tool in building a writer’s platform. By way of reminder, “auto follow” was an option in many 3rd party tools that allowed you to automatically follow back anyone who followed you. This saved organizations and popular accounts countless hours of having to manually follow everyone. I spent some time trying to wrap my head around the new landscape, and it was tough going at first. My numbers stalled out for quite a while. But I’ve learned some lessons along the way, and I’m now convinced that this was an excellent decision on Twitter’s part. My numbers are …

Hashtag Blindness Part 1

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A year ago, when I began posting regular writing advice on Twitter, I decided things were getting a little too serious. I mean, who wants to hear nothing but boring writing tips all the time without an ounce of humor? So I started posting…let’s call it less than good advice under the hashtag #HorribleWriteTip. A typical “horrible” writing tip would look something like this: Commas should be, spaced evenly…every, three words, tops. The Shatner comma.  #HorribleWriteTip Obvious it’s a joke, right? WRONG! That seemingly innocent hashtag helped me uncover something insidious spreading around my beloved interwebs: Hashtag Blindness. I encourage you to read on so that together we can put an end to this soul-crushing affliction.  

Using Twitter Effectively: Part 9 of 10 – Being Antisocial

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If you’ve been following this series, then over the last 3 days you’ve discovered the evils of Auto-DMs, the tediousness of people who tweet their shopping lists, and the dark side of Auto-Tweets. Today I’d like to take us one step further and talk about antisocial behavior and how it can <ahem> harm your efforts to build a writer’s platform.

Using Twitter Effectively: Part 8 of 10 – Auto Tweets (The Bad)

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In Part 4 of this 10-part series I covered the benefits of auto-tweeting, and I offered some links to automation tools that have helped me maintain a steady schedule of informational tweets. In today’s post I’d like to cover the dark side of auto-tweeting. This should be relatively short, as I think you’ll find most of it appeals to common sense.

Using Twitter Effectively: Part 7 of 10 – Tweeting The Minutiae of Your Life

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Tweeting every little detail of your life is a great way to make your followers lose interest in you. “Ordering pizza lolz!” or “Need to scratch my foot” or just plain “lol!!!” with no further clarification. How many times have you seen tweets like these? My feed is loaded with them, and most of them have no context whatsoever.   Today, in part 6 of my 10-part series on Using Twitter Effectively we’ll cover the sort of things you probably shouldn’t share with the world. Let’s go!

Using Twitter Effectively: Part 6 of 10 – Auto DMs

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During the course of the first 5 parts of this 10-part series on Using Twitter Effectively, I demonstrated some techniques that will add value to your Twitter experience and assist you in building a writer’s platform. Now it’s time to turn to the dark side. The next 5 parts of the series will cover the things you should not do…or at least do in moderation. Many of the behaviors and patterns I’ll cover will cause you to lose followers and see messages like “@PotentialAgent placed you on list Self-Promoting-Jerks07”. Let’s kick off the second half of this series talking about Direct Messages.