The Mukhtaar Estate

The Mukhtaar Estate is Now Open

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I’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately about writing, The Mukhtaar Chronicles, music, dogs, books…you name it. And they’ve been coming at me from about 10 different directions all at once. Well, I’ve finally decided to embrace the fact that I live on Facebook most of the time. Yes, I still respond on Twitter, and I always participate in discussions that take place in the comments section here at the blog. But I’m on Facebook ALL – OF – THE – TIME. It’s a sickness. You should feel sorry for me, really, now that I think about it. Anyway, I’m proud to announce the grand opening of The Mukhtaar Estate, a Facebook discussion group geared towards…well, it’s geared towards …

Hashtag Blindness 3: Electric Jamboree

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In a world…where people tweet with hashtags, and other people fail to read them, there can be only one outcome. HASHTAG BLINDNESS From the makers of Hashtag Blindness Part 1 and Hashtag Blindness Part 2, comes the explosive conclusion1, Hashtag Blindness 3: Electric Jamboree: On Twitter, No One Can Hear You Scream: Redemption: Age of Irony.2 1 Not an actual conclusion. This crazy train never stops. 2 Subtitle tested well with the male, 20.5 – 21 year old, stoned, neckbeard demographic. Read on, for the extended trailer.

Hashtag Blindness Part 2

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My brothers and sisters of the Twitterverse, we’ve made some strides, but I’m afraid the disease is spreading faster than we can contain it. Hashtag Blindness is a violent and fast-moving disease that may be infecting not only your followers, but your followers’ followers as well! Worse, the symptoms are sometimes subtle and hard to detect. In my ongoing research to cure this hideous malady, I’ve uncovered some additional signs that one or more of your followers may be infected.

Hashtag Blindness Part 1

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A year ago, when I began posting regular writing advice on Twitter, I decided things were getting a little too serious. I mean, who wants to hear nothing but boring writing tips all the time without an ounce of humor? So I started posting…let’s call it less than good advice under the hashtag #HorribleWriteTip. A typical “horrible” writing tip would look something like this: Commas should be, spaced evenly…every, three words, tops. The Shatner comma.  #HorribleWriteTip Obvious it’s a joke, right? WRONG! That seemingly innocent hashtag helped me uncover something insidious spreading around my beloved interwebs: Hashtag Blindness. I encourage you to read on so that together we can put an end to this soul-crushing affliction.