Map of the Three Kingdoms

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I was reminded this morning by a post on Twitter that I’ve yet to make a map of the Three Kingdoms widely available. The reason is I will be having an artist professionally render my hand-drawn scribblings in the near future, perhaps before (or around the time of) the publication of book 3, Necromancer Ascending. But why wait? So, here’s a rendering that I made a long time ago in Campaign Cartographer 3¬†(absolutely INCREDIBLE software!). My apologies to Campaign Cartographer 3. I’m like a toddler using Photoshop to draw stick figures. Oh, and you should be able to click on the image to enlargificate it. That’s not a word…but it should be. ūüėÄ Books set in the Erindor universe: Necromancer …

Nat RussoMap of the Three Kingdoms

Necromancer Falling Hits 3 Bestseller Lists in UK

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I woke up to some amazing news this morning. In less than 24 hours since publication, Necromancer Falling has hit 3 Amazon bestseller lists in the UK, and two “Hot New Releases” lists overall! Thank you all so much for the overwhelming outpouring of support you’ve all shown. This is truly mindblowing! In the US: #22 in Hot New Releases for Metaphysical Fantasy #35 in Hot New Releases for New Adult & College In the UK: #65 on the Metaphysical and Visionary Fantasy Bestsellers list (both “Books” and “Kindle Store”…which I don’t understand since there’s no paperback yet, but I’ll take it!) #72 on the Low Fantasy Bestsellers list. Thank you all so much!  

Nat RussoNecromancer Falling Hits 3 Bestseller Lists in UK

Necromancer Falling: Chapter 1

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Necromancer Falling, the sequel to the 2014 #1 fantasy bestseller Necromancer Awakening, is almost upon us! Just as I did with Necromancer Awakening, I’ve decided to post chapter 1 of Necromancer Falling here on the blog to whet your appetite. If you like what you see (I sure¬†hope¬†you do!), you don’t have much longer to wait. Necromancer Falling, in its entirety, will be in your hands by the end of this month!¬† [Update: 5/30/2016 – Necromancer Falling is now available on Amazon!] ***SPOILER ALERT***¬†If you haven’t read Necromancer Awakening yet, you’ll regret reading this chapter if you hate spoilers.

Nat RussoNecromancer Falling: Chapter 1

Necromancer Falling Delayed

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Each day I wake up and check my social media accounts, and each day I see the same question asked with the most frequency (and fervor): What’s the deal with Necromancer Falling? When’s it coming out? The short answer is “soon”. But, there’s more to it than that…

Nat RussoNecromancer Falling Delayed

This Week Only!

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This week only, for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can read the #1 International Bestselling Fantasy, Necromancer Awakening. This special price will end on Thursday, so download your copy today! See what the critics have been raving about!    

Nat RussoThis Week Only!

Necromancer Awakening $0.99 Sale

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Times are tough, and sometimes a book that costs $2.99 is just too far out of reach. As a former Pizza Hut employee and bingo ball caller, please believe me when I say I understand that completely. I’d like to help, at least for a short period of time, because I believe in this story, and I want as many people as possible to experience it! I’m happy to announce that Necromancer Awakening is on sale now for $0.99 on Amazon. I’ll leave that price up until sometime tomorrow night (Monday night). At that point, the price change will be in Amazon’s hands, and anywhere from 1 hour to 12 hours later it will return to its regular price of …

Nat RussoNecromancer Awakening $0.99 Sale

Necromancer Awakening Appears On 4th Bestseller List

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I just received amazing news from a friend! Necromancer Awakening has entered a 4th Amazon bestseller list (Sword & Sorcery Fantasy)! ¬† ¬† As you can see from the images, Necromancer Awakening is currently #13 on the Sword & Sorcery Fantasy bestseller list, and is also #7 on that category’s “Hot New Releases” list! This is a profound honor that I cannot even comprehend right now. When I glanced at this bestseller list, I saw names like George R.R. Martin, Terry Goodkind, Morgan Rice, Margaret Weiss. ¬† And somehow, Necromancer Awakening is ahead of them. These are names I’ve idolized. These are names I consider to be part of the pantheon of fantasy. Somehow, my name is appearing next to …

Nat RussoNecromancer Awakening Appears On 4th Bestseller List

Lessons Learned from 1000 Books

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**Updated May 10, 2016** Having sold more than 1000 copies of Necromancer Awakening (my bestselling dark fantasy novel, now available on Amazon), I’d like to share some of my lessons learned about independent publishing.¬† Some of them will delight you. Others will disturb you. I believe many will surprise you. Beware…many an exclamation mark lurks ahead. ¬† [Update – January 10, 2015: This article was posted¬†less than a month after Necromancer Awakening was published. In the interests of transparency, nine months after publication, that sales number is somewhere around 20k and climbing (not including¬†2.5k I gave away for free).]

Nat RussoLessons Learned from 1000 Books

Necromancer Awakening Breaks Into Top 25 Bestseller List

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I woke up this morning with a text message from a friend waiting on my phone: “#25!” I can hardly believe it myself. One week after publication, Necromancer Awakening broke into the Amazon Top 25 Dark Fantasy Bestsellers list. ¬† ¬† Moreover, out of a half-million books on Amazon overall, Necromancer is currently ranked #5601!¬† ¬† I can scarcely wrap my mind around it! I’m simply without the words to sufficiently express my gratitude to you all. Thank you so much for following my journey, from my first fledgling steps several years ago, to today…an Amazon bestseller. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I promise you this: I’ll do everything in my power to make sure book 2 (Necromancer Falling) …

Nat RussoNecromancer Awakening Breaks Into Top 25 Bestseller List