Twitter Blue? My Thoughts.

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I have some comments on the whole Twitter Blue thing, but they’re going to take more space than Twitter will allow. I’ve used Twitter daily since around 2011/2012, and I’ve had an account since it launched. In that time I’ve seen a lot of strange things, including DMs from people claiming to be high-profile celebrities who eventually turned out to be nothing more than crooks with recycled confidence schemes.   On the other hand, I’ve seen it used as an amazing platform to launch careers. And I’m not talking about influencers…people famous for being famous. I’m talking about musicians, actors, comedians, writers…true creators. I include my own writing career in that number. I believe…no, I know that my books would not …

3 Myths About Social Media Marketing for Authors | Tim Grahl

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I stumbled on this article today and knew immediately I needed to share it with you. Many of you who frequent this community come here for the articles on how to leverage social media as a writer. Social media (specifically for writers) has become a side passion of mine since about 2012. I can tell you that everything Tim writes in this article rings true to me. In many cases, it actually mirrors my own experience with social media marketing. In short, it’s well worth a read. Click the “Source” link below for the original article. The truths and myths about how social media helps authors build their platform, connect with readers and market their books. Source: 3 Myths About Social Media Marketing for Authors | …

Are You Using Pinned Tweets?

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Twitter recently rolled out a new feature for profile pages that allows you to keep your vital content visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This feature is known as Pinned Tweets, and it’s an important part of your content delivery strategy. And you’re not using it.   You read that correctly. It’s one of the single greatest content delivery features Twitter has graced us with, and you’re completely ignoring it! How do I know? Allow me to explain (in an admittedly roundabout way).

Link Globalization

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[UPDATED – 7/22/2015] Did you know there is more than one store? Don’t worry. If you didn’t know there is an, or an, or even an, you’re not alone. In fact, many are unaware there are at least 13 international Amazon storefronts. But until you’re aware of this (and do something about it) you may be sending potential customers to the wrong store, losing untold sales in the process! Link globalization is something you need to be aware of if you’re attempting to direct people to an Amazon storefront. If you give an link to someone in the UK or Australia, for example, that person will not be able to purchase the product you’ve linked without going through a lot …

Platform Building Primer

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[UPDATED 8/16/2014] In a recent article I wrote that detailed the various lessons I learned from publishing my book Necromancer Awakening (now an Amazon Bestselling fantasy), I stated that having a platform is every bit as important as you’ve heard it is. Since that article was written, I’ve received countless questions asking me how I did it.  In this article, I’ll show you some basic steps you can take to get started on building your own platform.

Twitter Changes Auto-Follow Policy

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Twitter changed their auto-follow policy in 2013. Those of you who’ve read my series on Using Twitter Effectively know that “auto follow” was a major tool in building a writer’s platform. By way of reminder, “auto follow” was an option in many 3rd party tools that allowed you to automatically follow back anyone who followed you. This saved organizations and popular accounts countless hours of having to manually follow everyone. I spent some time trying to wrap my head around the new landscape, and it was tough going at first. My numbers stalled out for quite a while. But I’ve learned some lessons along the way, and I’m now convinced that this was an excellent decision on Twitter’s part. My numbers are …

Behave Yourself on Social Media

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If you spend any amount of time on social media, someone (or several people) will eventually target you for a verbal attack. This attack can take on various forms, from the blatant ad hominem attack, to more subtle attacks couched as criticism of your work or ideas. Sometimes the criticism is genuine, and the point is valid, but the approach is less than friendly. What should you do when you’re attacked? Start by listening to Mark Twain: