Barnes & Noble CEO Predicts Two Years Left

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Barnes & Noble CEO Len Riggio Predicts only two years remain for B&N’s viability as a business if drastic measures aren’t taken. Riggio admits that while educational toys and games have slowed the decline in sales, he has no idea what the “magic bullet” is to turn things around.

Nat RussoBarnes & Noble CEO Predicts Two Years Left

Erindor Press is Now SSL Certified!

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That’s right! Erindor Press now has its very own SSL site certificate! You should see a green lock icon in your address bar (in Chrome. I’m not sure how other browsers represent SSL connectivity). What does this mean for you? Without getting into the technical details, it means browsing around on just got a LOT more private. So, click away! Enjoy the content!

Nat RussoErindor Press is Now SSL Certified!

Necromancer Falling Hits 3 Bestseller Lists in UK

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I woke up to some amazing news this morning. In less than 24 hours since publication, Necromancer Falling has hit 3 Amazon bestseller lists in the UK, and two “Hot New Releases” lists overall! Thank you all so much for the overwhelming outpouring of support you’ve all shown. This is truly mindblowing! In the US: #22 in Hot New Releases for Metaphysical Fantasy #35 in Hot New Releases for New Adult & College In the UK: #65 on the Metaphysical and Visionary Fantasy Bestsellers list (both “Books” and “Kindle Store”…which I don’t understand since there’s no paperback yet, but I’ll take it!) #72 on the Low Fantasy Bestsellers list. Thank you all so much!  

Nat RussoNecromancer Falling Hits 3 Bestseller Lists in UK

Where’s Nat?!

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Still here. I promise. I’m currently doing “stuff and things” related to the upcoming release of Necromancer Falling. And playing a ton of EverQuest 2 because my Freeblood Swashbuckler is almost max level. Necromancer Falling has been one of the most challenging projects I’ve been a part of. I’ve found it’s never easy to pull off “book 2” of a trilogy. Though it’s a “book 2”, the story needs to be self-contained. You can’t make too many assumptions about how much a reader remembers from “book 1”. You have to reintroduce old characters without boring the people who have great memories. The list of potential problem areas goes on. And…once you’ve managed to get to a point in your craft where you no …

Nat RussoWhere’s Nat?!

Come Join Me at the Texas Book Festival

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If any of you are going to be in the Austin, TX. area this weekend, October 17-18, stop by the Texas Book Festival and say hi! And please feel free to bring your copies of Necromancer Awakening for me to sign.

Nat RussoCome Join Me at the Texas Book Festival

Necromancer Awakening Appears On 4th Bestseller List

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I just received amazing news from a friend! Necromancer Awakening has entered a 4th Amazon bestseller list (Sword & Sorcery Fantasy)!     As you can see from the images, Necromancer Awakening is currently #13 on the Sword & Sorcery Fantasy bestseller list, and is also #7 on that category’s “Hot New Releases” list! This is a profound honor that I cannot even comprehend right now. When I glanced at this bestseller list, I saw names like George R.R. Martin, Terry Goodkind, Morgan Rice, Margaret Weiss.   And somehow, Necromancer Awakening is ahead of them. These are names I’ve idolized. These are names I consider to be part of the pantheon of fantasy. Somehow, my name is appearing next to …

Nat RussoNecromancer Awakening Appears On 4th Bestseller List