Common Writing Myths

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There are very few objective truths about writing. I think there are some (you’ll typically suck at first, a strong noun/verb is better than a weak noun/verb with a qualifier, remove needless words, etc). But most of these “objective truths” are little more than common writing myths.
Common Writing Myths
There are a host of suppositions masquerading as axioms:
– Show don’t tell
– Writers must write every day
– Writers can’t not write
– Never use an adverb
– Writing can’t be taught
And so many more…

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Nat RussoCommon Writing Myths

Seeing Viagra Links? Refresh.

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[Update July 4th, 2016] So, refreshing is working for some but not for others. Suffice it to say the issue remains. I’m in contact with my provider regarding the problem. I know this goes without saying, but for now, please don’t click any of those crazy pharmaceutical links! They don’t originate from this site, and I have NO idea where they’ll take you. Working hard to get this resolved ASAP!

Hi friends!

Those of you who have been around here for a while know that a few months ago there were some strange links appearing above the banner of the site. Some of you might still see some strangeness if you visit/revisit an article or tab you haven’t visited in a while.

My host uses server-side caching to improve performance. If you see the strange links again, please take a moment to refresh the page. This will (usually) inform the server that you want a fresh copy. The links should disappear after a quick refresh.


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Nat RussoSeeing Viagra Links? Refresh.

My Experience With Amazon Giveaways

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Amazon recently added a new tool they call “Amazon Giveaways” to our marketing toolbox. Using Amazon Giveaways, the book publisher can purchase an arbitrary number of copies of their book and have Amazon distribute them “free” to people who participate in the giveaway.

Amazon Giveaways

I’m not going to spend much time on “how to” in this article. There are a lot of resources out there that will get you started with Amazon Giveaways (including the wonderful resource written by my friend and fellow author Nicholas Rossis: How To Set Up An Amazon Giveaway). Instead, I’d like to talk about my experience and lessons learned after running two separate Amazon giveaways of the same title, Necromancer Awakening.

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Nat RussoMy Experience With Amazon Giveaways

Necromancer Falling Hits 3 Bestseller Lists in UK

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I woke up to some amazing news this morning. In less than 24 hours since publication, Necromancer Falling has hit 3 Amazon bestseller lists in the UK, and two “Hot New Releases” lists overall! Thank you all so much for the overwhelming outpouring of support you’ve all shown. This is truly mindblowing!

In the US:

#22 in Hot New Releases for Metaphysical Fantasy

#35 in Hot New Releases for New Adult & College

In the UK:

#65 on the Metaphysical and Visionary Fantasy Bestsellers list (both “Books” and “Kindle Store”…which I don’t understand since there’s no paperback yet, but I’ll take it!)

#72 on the Low Fantasy Bestsellers list.

Thank you all so much!

Necromancer Falling hits Bestseller Lists


Nat RussoNecromancer Falling Hits 3 Bestseller Lists in UK

Necromancer Falling: Chapter 1

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Necromancer Falling, the sequel to the 2014 #1 fantasy bestseller Necromancer Awakening, is almost upon us! Just as I did with Necromancer Awakening, I’ve decided to post chapter 1 of Necromancer Falling here on the blog to whet your appetite.

If you like what you see (I sure hope you do!), you don’t have much longer to wait. Necromancer Falling, in its entirety, will be in your hands by the end of this month! 

[Update: 5/30/2016 – Necromancer Falling is now available on Amazon!]

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven’t read Necromancer Awakening yet, you’ll regret reading this chapter if you hate spoilers.


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Nat RussoNecromancer Falling: Chapter 1

Where’s Nat?!

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Where's Nat?

Still here. I promise.

I’m currently doing “stuff and things” related to the upcoming release of Necromancer FallingAnd playing a ton of EverQuest 2 because my Freeblood Swashbuckler is almost max level.

Necromancer Falling has been one of the most challenging projects I’ve been a part of. I’ve found it’s never easy to pull off “book 2” of a trilogy. Though it’s a “book 2”, the story needs to be self-contained. You can’t make too many assumptions about how much a reader remembers from “book 1”. You have to reintroduce old characters without boring the people who have great memories. The list of potential problem areas goes on.

And…once you’ve managed to get to a point in your craft where you no longer make the same mistakes you made in early drafts of “book 1”, you invent a whole new set of problems and habits to break.

But we’re in the home stretch now! The cover art is complete, and I’ll be sharing it with you all shortly you can see it over on the right-hand side of the blog! I’ll be spending the next three weeks or so in final edits. And, come hell or high water, Necromancer Falling will be in your hands toward the end of May!



Nat RussoWhere’s Nat?!

Seeing Strange Links at Top of Page?

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Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Apparently it’s regional (related to an outdated plugin), and only some of you can see them. I’m currently working with my web host to fix the issue once and for all. For the time being, please do not click any links that appear above the banner image.



Nat RussoSeeing Strange Links at Top of Page?

3 Myths About Social Media Marketing for Authors | Tim Grahl

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I stumbled on this article today and knew immediately I needed to share it with you. Many of you who frequent this community come here for the articles on how to leverage social media as a writer. Social media (specifically for writers) has become a side passion of mine since about 2012. I can tell you that everything Tim writes in this article rings true to me. In many cases, it actually mirrors my own experience with social media marketing.

In short, it’s well worth a read. Click the “Source” link below for the original article.


The truths and myths about how social media helps authors build their platform, connect with readers and market their books.

Source: 3 Myths About Social Media Marketing for Authors | Tim Grahl

Nat Russo3 Myths About Social Media Marketing for Authors | Tim Grahl